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Florida Floral Preservation:

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Preserve your floral memories…
Our preserved flower gallery is full of beautiful displays we have created and is a source for creative ideas for your own preserved floral keepsake.

Last minute bride?
Were you just married and decided that you would like to create your wedding bouquet flowers into a lasting preserved keepsake? There’s still hope! Find out how to get your flowers over to us as quickly as possible…

Make a Reservation
Making a reservation is the first step to ensuring that there is room in our freeze drier for your special flowers. Get started by sending us your information online.

Wedding bouquet flower preservation in Florida.

Specializing in wedding bouquet flower preservation.

Imagine your wedding bouquet or flowers preserved in a classical artistic display so that you can enjoy your wedding memories for years to come. Timeless Flowers will preserve your bridal flowers and creatively place them in a unique frame or display case that you have chosen. This extraordinary display will become a key centerpiece in your home, filling it with love, joy and happy memories for years to come.

Plan now for your wedding bouquet flower preservation and have them picked up while they are still fresh. Please give Timeless Flowers a call prior to your wedding day and leave the details to us!

Florida Floral Preservation: (305) 322-9223

Wedding bouquet flower preservation in the Florida area.

Floral Preservation Gallery
Our floral preservation gallery is full of beautiful displays and is a source for creative ideas for your own preserved flower keepsake.

wedding bouquet flower preservation - reservation

Make a Reservation
Making a reservation is a great way to get started and to ensure that there will be room in our freeze dryer for your special flowers.

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Handcrafted Petal Jewelry
We have teamed up with a flower petal jeweler who creates beautiful handcrafted jewelry items out of your preserved flowers.

Adriana Barker with Timeless Flowers

We serve customers who want to preserve their flowers throughout the Florida area. Please contact us, we’d love to help!

Florida Floral Preservation

Our clients fall in love with their preserved flower keepsakes!

Timeless Flowers takes special care and attention with each individual floral keepsake. We considered customer service our #1 priority, and our goal is to provide each our clients lasting preserved flower keepsakes as beautiful and unique as the special memories they represent. 

“I got the package! I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!! It is so beautiful. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Regards.” ~ Jaclyn
See their bouquet…

“You did an amazing job. The bouquet looks beautiful and conserves its freshness from the first day. I am glad I found you before my bouquet died after I come from my long trip from Peru and celebrated my vow renewal there. I feel like you have frozen in one frame one of our happiest moments of our life. Thank you so much.” ~ Rossana
See their bouquet…

Ready to get started?

Making a reservation with us is the best way to ensure that there is room in our freeze dryer for your wedding bouquet flower preservation. At Timeless Flowers, you will enjoy the easy process of creating your floral treasure into a lasting keepsake. Contact us today!

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