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Flower Guide & Care

What flowers work best for wedding bouquet preservation?

Do you want to preserve your wedding flowers and are wondering what flowers to use for your bridal bouquet? Below you will find a list of flowers that work best for floral preservation… If you don’t see a particular flower listed here, please contact Timeless Flowers for more information.

Flowers that preserve well:

Flowers that do not preserve well:

Care of your fresh flowers after your event.

After your event is over here are some tips to keep your flowers fresh until you are ready to get them to us for preservation.

  • If possible trim off about 1/2″ from stem and place in a vase with a little water. It’s okay if some of the ribbon gets wet. We can clean them. If your bouquet is in an oasis you’ll want to add water to the foam to keep the flowers hydrated.
  • Keep flowers upright in the refrigerator while hydrating. Make sure the temperature is not too cold or the flowers are touching the walls as this can cause cold damaged. If a refrigerator is not available, keep hydrated in a cool place away from direct sun light.
  • Make sure to make arrangements to get your flowers to us as soon as possible after your event. The fresher the flowers are when we receive them, the better results when they’re preserved.

Additional Information:

Through the preservation process colors of botanicals may get darker or lighter, some may even change hues. We airbrush our preserved flowers to enhance their original color, however there are no guarantees the color will be exactly as the original color. Visit our Photo Gallery on our website and our Facebook page to see some of our pieces. Through time preserved botanicals will antique in color. To delay antiquing, all keepsakes must be kept away from direct sunlight and humidity, and kept throughout your coolest rooms. Preserved flowers also need to be kept away from insects.