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Florida Floral Preservation:

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Terms & Conditions

  • Your Signature on this contract, filling out reservation form  or placing a order serves as your consent to allow Timeless Flowers Inc. (TF) to preserve your flowers and to create your keepsake using TF’s best judgement and discretion based on your selection. Deposits are non-refundable and will be deducted from your total balance.
  • Frame selection will be scheduled within 2 weeks of receipt of your flowers by Timeless Flowers.
  • Flowers are considered abandoned if frame selections and deposits are not made within 3 weeks from receipt of flowers by Timeless Flowers.
  • All memorabilia (i.e. invitation, pictures, tiara, etc.) to be incorporated into your keepsake needs to be provided to us within 30 days of Flowers received by Timeless Flowers. If we have not received your memorabilia within 30 days, your keepsake may be completed without items.
  • Orders must be picked up within 2 weeks of completion date.
  • Balances not paid upon completion will be subject to a $25 per month storage fee.
  • The condition of the flowers before preservation affects the quality of your preserved flowers therefore TF will not assume liability for any damages to your flowers prior to their arrival at our facility.
  • Your keepsake should be completed in approximately 16 to 21 weeks after the frame order is placed. TF may delay this time if required or due to covid-19.
  • All finished keepsakes must be picked up no later than 12 weeks from event date otherwise they will be considered abandoned. This will include customers whose memorabilia or additional requested items needed to complete keepsake was not received at TF causing completion delays.
  • Any checks returned unpaid will be subject to a $25 charge.
  • Through the preservation process some flowers may darken or change color. As time goes by they will antique in look. If proper care is taken of your keepsake, your flowers should retain their beauty for years, however there are no guarantees.
  • All keepsakes are custom made all sales are final.  No Refunds!  In the event your flowers are damaged during the preservation process TF shall replace said flowers but shall not be liable for any additional damages. TF reserves the right to replace flowers that don’t preserve well with high quality faux substitutes.
  • TF Inc. reserves the right to use photographs of keepsakes or any portion thereof for marketing and advertising.
  • This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Florida and venue for any disputes will be in Dade County, Florida. I have read and understand all the terms and conditions of this contract, received a copy and have the authority to give (TF) permission to disassemble the flowers and create a keepsake under glass or acrylic. If I am contracting on behalf of the client, I will provide a copy of these terms and deliver them to the client.